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PLAN the festival

Would you like to host a stage and/or work with us in planning kallio block party?

how is kbp planned?

Kallio Block Party is a non-profit event and is entirely volunteer-led. Since it’s inception, the festival is planned by the stage hosts and anyone else who wishes to gain experience in festival-planning. Around the beginning of every year, we invite anyone who is willing to contribute to come and join us for a kick-off meeting where we can begin deciding stage hosts – these meetings will be announced via our Instagram.

We use Discord as our main communication channel.

How can I host a stage?

In order to host a stage, you must participate with the organisation process of the event. In order to be eligible to host a stage, you and your group must have volunteers ready and willing to contribute to the festival, both during the initial planning and on the day of the festival. The more volunteers you can provide, the higher chance you have of having a stage at Kallio Block Party.


There are eleven different workforces of festival planning that requires members to keep the festival alive, each with their own vital tasks. If you feel you are suited best to a certain team, please let us know your skills and expertise!

The following task-forces and some of their roles are:
Backstage & catering
– Organises a backstage for festival personnel, security and artists.
– Arranges caterers to provide food for volunteers and security.

– Managing social media.
– Coordinating art direction for promotional material.
– Contacting news outlets to promote the festival.
– Communicate the event to the public and to the residents and business in the festival area.

– Organising resources through cleaning companies (Stara) for the festival day.
– Does the waste management plan. (toilets, trash cans and containers)
– Leads cleaning operations after event.

Food area
– Contacts foods trucks and sells a spot to them within the festivals food area.
– Makes sure food area runs smoothly during the event.

– Contacting organisations for grants.
– Paying for resources for the event.
– Managing funds, collecting receipts and ensuring bills are paid on time.

– Responsible for organising a small truck.
– Using the truck to move trash cans, equipment to stages etc on the festival day, before and after the event.

Permission & Security.
– Contact person between the festival and the city/other authorities.
– Makes sure all permissions and plans are sent forward to the authorities.
– Organises security and is the contact person for security during the event.

Pre & After-Parties:
– Organising both pre and after-parties for KBP2024. (very important part of funding KBP)

– Supplies stages with all necessary equipment that KBP will offer.

– Does the traffic plan.
– Organises the no parking zones.
– Supplies roadblocks with equipment.

– Recruiting volunteers by being in contact with volunteer organisations to ensure we have enough for the festival day for tasks such as road blocking, security, cleaning etc.
– Coordinating the roles of the volunteers during the festival day and afterwards.


Any questions or concerns can also be directed to:

Or message our Instagram: