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be a part of kbp

Are you interested in cultural events and festivals and would like to help out during the biggest street festival in Finland?


Kallio Block Party (also known by its abbreviation KBP) is a free urban festival organised by creative collectives and contributors to the cultural scene in the district of Kallio, Helsinki. Since the first festival in 2011, the event has continued to fill the streets, parks, and public spaces of Kallio with music, art, and community culture every single year with no end in sight. According to estimates from KBP2023, the event had almost 40,000 visitors, with this years numbers expected to grow as we continue to expand our visibility.

Are there any incentives?

As this is a non-commercial event, we cannot offer monetary compensation for the work. Instead, volunteers are offered a free meal and a work certificate if they want it. Everyone who is of legal age also gets a free ticket to one of KBP’s after-parties which are organized in many different venues. By participating in the festival, volunteers get the opportunity to network with the city’s cultural producers and gain experience in organizing a large-scale festival.


The production of the event takes place between 8:00 and 23:00, and tasks are available throughout this time. We also need volunteers on 04.08. (Sunday) to help clean up after the event.

Volunteers’ duties may include:

  • – Event preparation.
  • – Setting up roadblocks and garbage containers in place.
  • – Standing at roadblocks to ensure no cars enter the festival area.
  • – Taking care of cleanliness during and after the event.

We will also hold an information session and a small orientation day for the volunteers before the event. On the orientation day, we will take a closer look at what work you will be doing and who will be your responsible person on the festival day (03.08.2024) or the following day (04.08.2024).

The length of work shifts varies. We hope the volunteer will be ready to do at least a 4-hour shift.
If you’re able to volunteer for a longer shift, we truly appreciate it – all help is crucial! If you have any particular skills to offer, we’d love to hear how you could help Kallio Block Party thrive.

Come have fun, gain some experience, and let’s make KBP2024 a memorable day for everyone!


Head of Volunteer Coordination:
Ilja Amnell

Any questions or concerns can also be directed to: